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Jason Nemes Gave Up On The Business World, But Came Back To It Years Later And Found His Passion In The Wellness Industry

“I had to beat a drug addiction, which I did. The biggest challenge is definitely pushing through the adversity. When times get tough, everyone wants to quit. No one wants to look in the mirror and ask themselves “where am I lacking, where do I need to grow”. Make sure you work harder on yourself than you do your job.” 

Through extreme hard work while helping lots of people and overcoming tremendous amounts of obstacles, Jason became part of the top 1 per cent. Jason Nemes then slowly went into public speaking. He started to gain a following as more people grew interested in his motivational speeches. Jason began speaking across the country before getting the chance to travel and motivate people from all around the world. As he talked to people, he realized that they only knew him as his social media handle, Tattedprezzz. Jason decided to adopt the name and create a brand for himself. For Jason, having a dream is the first of many steps. “In every endeavor, one is surely going to face adversities, but being able to deal with those adversities will help you stand out. I have spent time and resources spreading the gospel about my brand, and what I do that my personal identity got relegated to the background. Many people had no idea what my name was, and over the years, I have come to leave it that way. If my brand projects me better, then fine by me. All I want to do is to help people improve their lives and rewrite their stories.”