Jason Nemes - Tattedprezzz

Jason Nemes Gave Up On The Business World, But Came Back To It Years Later And Found His Passion In The Wellness Industry

“I had to beat a drug addiction, which I did. The biggest challenge is definitely pushing through the adversity. When times get tough, everyone wants to quit. No one wants to look in the mirror and ask themselves “where am I lacking, where do I need to grow”. Make sure you work harder on yourself than you do your job.” 

After overcoming these obstacles, Jason’s program for wellness has taken off. Not only does he provide weight loss tactics and products for people looking to live a healthier life, but he is also a motivational speaker and life coach who wants to help people live a more positive life. Jason and his wellness programs have succeeded at changing many people’s lives.


“My advice for anyone trying to start a business is: develop yourself as best as you can as success is something you attract. BECOME OBSESSED, enjoy the process, give it everything you’ve got, understand its 70,80,90 hours a week not 40, understand you must be willing to make sacrifices.” Jason advises.


Jason has much more to come in the future. He hopes to continue earning his financial freedom and inspiring people to live better lifestyles. He is also creating a new website for his business in the future. His success has earned him a spot as one of the top earners and Jason has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. Jason proves to us that if you do not like something at first, that does not rule it out for you in the future.


“I differentiated myself from others by making myself more valuable and continuing to show the best version of myself.”